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Living does not end with a lung disease diagnosis.

Life begins with a new challenge.

Meet that challenge.

Be active in understanding your disease,

your rights, your treatment.

Learn all about it with a caregiver or a friend.

Look forward! Make plans! Find a new hobby.

Learn a new game.

Keep in touch with friends, neighbours and family.

And then travel with your oxygen!!

Make travelling with oxygen hassle-free!

Sea Puffer cruises offers you the support that you need to travel with oxygen. Cruising with oxygen is a wonderful way to get out and see the world! Once you are settled in your cabin there is no more packing and unpacking until the day you leave! Friends and family are welcome to travel with us. Flying with oxygen is arranged by us too. We try to use direct flights any time it is possible.

Please call us and talk about you oxygen and travelling needs! Toll-free 1-866-673-3019.

For information about passports and travelling abroad, please visit www.travel.state.gov.

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