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Did you know? ... For nearly 20 years, The Pulmonary Paper has provided education and support to those who live with chronic lung diseases ~ providing advice, announcements of medications and treatments, and personal tips and insight from others suffering with similar diseases.

Enjoying life to the fullest, this group of travellers take a break from
activities to pose for the camera on a recent trip.
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Did you know? ... You can deduct the electricity costs to run your oxygen equipment on your income taxes as part of your medical expenses? We have the formula to figure it out!

Think your travel days are over? Respiratory Therapists from The Pulmonary Paper escort oxygen users, their families and friends on trips to the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe and many spots in between. Travelers can try out the latest equipment and learn from each other while exploring the world’s beauty and having a great time.

Do you suffer from leg cramps? Find out how soap chips can ease your problem! You are not alone when you belong to our nationwide network!

Helpful Advice and Information when you need it !

Do you have questions? Our Medical Director, Pulmonologist, Dr. Michael Bauer and Respiratory Therapist Mark Mangus will have your answers in The Pulmonary Paper.

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